By Don Underwood
One Monday night I drove to Siete Ranch to feed the cows. As I turned onto FM 902 to cross the railroad tracks, I noticed that the flashing barriers were down because of an… read more

Street Smarts for Pastors

By John Flowers
When folks come by the church office requesting assistance, how do we know if they are truly needy or simply trying to pull a scam? There are a few simple rules to help you help… read more

Cultural Fascination with Zombies

By Peter Surran
Movies and TV Though it may not be the all-out apocalypse that often frames their appearance on TV and in the movies, it is evident that zombies are everywhere in today’s… read more

Summer Worship Innovations

By David McAllister
One of the most promising things in the life of a church is innovation in worship. One of the most resisted things in the life of a church is innovation in worship. Church people … read more

Recruiting and Keeping Teachers

By Ruth E. Wilhite
Recruiting is the most common word for inviting people to teach. Keeping teachers is more than holding on to them. Find ideas here for inviting, nurturing, and offering training… read more

A Higher Standard for Membership

By Carolyn Slaughter
In the spring of 1979, my husband Michael and I landed in a small church beside a county road in Ginghamsburg, Ohio. Coming from a “country club” church on the east… read more
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