Pastor Dress Code?

By Joseph Yoo
One of the most read posts on my blog deals with the "dress code" of clergy. What is the appropriate attire that a pastor should wear on Sunday mornings? And, is it really… read more

I'm New on the Church Staff

By Kimberly MacNeill
Congratulations to you if this title applies! Just when you wondered if it was all going to work out, it actually did! You. Have. A. Job. And more than that, you have a new… read more

How Can I Hear from God?

By David Dorn
"Where is God?" "How do I hear from God?" These are the most popular questions I get as a pastor.  read more

You're a Prop, and That's Okay

By Matthew L. Kelley
A recent episode of the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast featured Greg Horton telling “10 Dirty Secrets about being a Minister.” Horton is a former pastor who is now… read more

Methodists and Gay Marriage

By Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly did a story this week on United Methodists and gay marriage. What did you think of the piece? Was it done objectively? Would you have… read more

Planning in Pencil: Letting an Innovation Be What It Wants to Be

By Larry Osborne
German chemist Alfred Einhorn was seeking to invent a nonaddictive narcotic for general surgery. In 1905, he succeeded in inventing what we now call Novocain. To his chagrin, his… read more
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