Understanding the People Within Your Reach

By Constance E. Stella
About a year ago, many of us were feeling battered by the national election. Remember the robo-calls? The constant TV ads? The reams of paper stuck in your storm door and mailbox? … read more

Beyond the Broken Heart: A Journey Through Grief

By Betsy Hall
We all experience grief at some point in our lives. Calendar dates can be a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one. Birthdays, anniversary dates, and the actual date a loved … read more

Can the Church Learn from the Coffee Shop?

By Ron Edmondson
I believe the church is to be a cultural change agents in our communities, but the truth is that many coffee shops have taken some of that responsibility. Starbucks supposedly… read more

See, Know & Serve The People Within Your Reach

By Thomas G. Bandy
The transition between Christendom and post-Christendom is still unfolding at different speeds, with unique twists, in diverse contexts. Some regions and publics are transitioning … read more

Repurposing Dying Churches

By Alan Rudnick
It seems that I’m stuck on thinking about dying or dead churches. Why so grim, Alan? That is a good question. It seems that folks are interested in talking about this topic. … read more

Childproofing the Church

By Tricia Brown
Anyone who has a baby or toddler in the home knows that dangers are lurking everywhere! Cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, sharp corners on the coffee table in the living… read more
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