The Arithmetic of Spiritual Leadership

By Thomas G. Bandy
I get tired of church members and church leaders pretending to be something they are not. The current trend for “endorsements” in social networks like LinkedIn really… read more

Set Your Bible Down

By Kasey Hitt
You have permission. Yes, really, you are allowed to set down the Bible—lovingly, appreciatively, let it go. It has done what it is supposed to do. Through it you have been … read more

Flashback Friday: Hot Topics in August

By Ministry Matters
August has been a busy month here on Ministry Matters. Here are a three of the hot topics you might have missed. 1. The Showdown Over Small Churches United Methodist Bishop Will … read more

Centering Prayer

By J. David Muyskens
In Centering Prayer you choose a word, sometimes called a prayer word, sometimes called a sacred word, that expresses your desire to be in an intimate relationship with God. This… read more

I Wonder about Your Wonder Bread

By Ronnie McBrayer
“If there was one last loaf of bread in this town it would be mine.” I swear that’s what he said. “He” being a rather pretentious member of the… read more

The Survivors

By Don Underwood
I spent a little time one July 4 counting the dead trees at Siete Ranch. I wanted to calculate the damage of the previous year’s record-breaking hot and dry summer. Much has … read more
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