Adapt to Thrive and Serve

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
Who is my neighbor?” The lawyer asked Jesus a good question, regardless of what motivated him to ask it. Jesus defined neighbor in the broadest terms, but we have narrowed… read more

The Paralyzing Intersection of Prayer and Personality

By Whitney Simpson
Growing up prayer was modeled in my home on a regular basis around the dinner table and in bed each evening. I learned to pray using written prayers like “God is great, God… read more

Our Charge: Know and Serve Young Adults

By Emanuel Cleaver III
A friend of mine invited me to go fishing with him. I’m not a fisherman. In an effort to show that I was not clueless, I bought my own equipment. My friend used crickets and … read more

Your Child and Anger

By Ned Andrew Solomon
Lacey is playing with her neighbor, Thomas, in the downstairs playroom of her home when Lacey spots Scruff, her favorite stuffed animal. She picks Scruff up and gives him a big… read more

Q&A with Elisabeth Klein Corcoran, author of Unraveling

By Brenda Smotherman
You are very candid and share personal experiences and struggles in your book Unraveling. What was the writing experience like? And how do you feel knowing that your story will be … read more

See, Know, and Serve

By Thomas G. Bandy
How did St. Paul do it? How did he manage to start and sustain so many different churches, in so many different cultures, in such a time of change? We have the same desire to… read more
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