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If you are looking for the online Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool click here, be sure to save your results! Ministry Matters does not store them. Bins Bins are a great way for… read more

The Tough Truth about Our Small Churches

By William H. Willimon
In Jason Byassee’s beautifully written book, The Gifts of the Small Church, he states that “the small church is God’s primary way of saving people.”… read more

Helping Harried Parents in the Pews

By Tricia Brown
There is a particular Sunday that I wish I could forget. My husband was living and working out of town during the week. He came home on Friday night and left on Sunday afternoon… read more


By Don Underwood
One Monday night I drove to Siete Ranch to feed the cows. As I turned onto FM 902 to cross the railroad tracks, I noticed that the flashing barriers were down because of an… read more

Street Smarts for Pastors

By John Flowers
When folks come by the church office requesting assistance, how do we know if they are truly needy or simply trying to pull a scam? There are a few simple rules to help you help… read more

Cultural Fascination with Zombies

By Peter Surran
Movies and TV Though it may not be the all-out apocalypse that often frames their appearance on TV and in the movies, it is evident that zombies are everywhere in today’s… read more
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