Congregations as Families of Faith: Beyond Age-Level Ministries

By Deech Kirk
According to national studies like Fuller Youth Institute’s “Sticky Faith” ( and the National Study of Youth and Religion… read more

Evil Doesn't Win

By Andy Stoddard
April 16 is not my favorite day of the year. This is the day that I remember the power of evil and sin to destroy lives. And it’s the day that reminds me that in the… read more

Bombing at the Boston Marathon

By FaithLink
The tragedy in Boston, Massachusetts, seems so near to me this morning. My daughter went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, and we have many good memories of the city. We now… read more

Talking to Children Following the Boston Marathon Bombing...And Listening!

By Melanie Gordon
Here we are again at a place where we need to reassure children that they are safe even when we may not feel safe ourselves. Shock, fear, anxiety, anger, and confusion are normal, … read more

10 Signs You Need a Consultant

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
They say an expert is someone with a briefcase from more than thirty miles away. Such a person's knowledge and experience may vary, but it's true that the very act of coming in… read more

No Longer an Orphan

By Roberto L. Gómez
John 14:23-29 A few days after my mother died following a prolonged illness, I felt very lonely. My father had died eleven years earlier. I realized I was now an orphan, a person … read more
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