No Cookie Cutter Leaders

By Circuit Rider
An interview with Bishop Alfred Johnson, retired bishop and current pastor of Church of the Village, in New York City When training leaders, we tend to elevate… read more

Heirs with Christ

By New Interpreter's® Bible
Commentary on Galatians 3:6-29 from Vol. XI of The New Interpreter's Bible, available in the Ministry Matters Premium Library.   Although the argument from experience… read more

Keeping Evangelism Fresh

By Shane Raynor
Evangelism is a loaded word. Some of us hear it and think of television preachers. Or people going door to door trying to convert the masses. Gospel tracts left under windshield… read more

A Call to Ministry is a Call to Public Life

By Teddy Ray
I’m told that pastors in a past generation were advised not to share anything personal. “Tell stories – but not about your own life.” I’ve even … read more

Should There Be Competition in Sunday School?

By Ronnie McBrayer
My wife attended Lutheran Catechism. My neighbor went to an Adventist Sabbath class. My college friend was enrolled in a Yeshiva. And I attended Sunday School. I suppose these are … read more

If I Were God...

By Don Underwood
Well, I was really tempted that week. It was the same old temptation that I’ve had for many years. The one that got us into so much trouble back when Adam faced the same… read more
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