Investing Leadership in Small Churches: A Story of Revitalization

By Amy Yeary Holmes
Telford UMC is the epitome of a small country church. It sits off State Route 34 in Telford, Tenn. Down the road and across the street is an abandoned train stop along a lonely… read more

Not-So-Lone Christians

By Ben Kendrick
The Lone Ranger went on his first ride through the Old West on a radio program back in 1933. Since then he has become a staple American hero, along with his partner, Tonto, and… read more

Review: Faith and Creeds

By Patricia Farris
Faith and Creeds: A Guide for Study and Devotion, (Westminster/John Knox, 2013) by British theologian and author, Alister McGrath, is the first in a projected five-volume… read more

Jahar Could Be Your Kid

By Shane Raynor
I turned on a couple of the cable news channels recently and the outrage du jour was over Rolling Stone’s decision to run a cover story featuring Boston bombing suspect… read more

No Longer a Super Hero

By Tricia Brown
There was a young boy who was disciplined for something he adamantly proclaimed he didn’t do. Later, the boy’s innocence was proven. It had, in fact, been his brother… read more

Review: A Thicker Jesus

By Patricia Farris
You might not realize it at first, but if you’re passionate about church renewal, A Thicker Jesus: Incarnational Discipleship in a Secular Age (Westminster/John Knox, 2012)… read more
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