Denial (Converge Episode 7)

By Shane Raynor
Should Peter have figured out where things were headed after the first rooster crowed? Jessica LaGrone and David Dorn join Shane Raynor to discuss Mark 14 and Peter's denial… read more

Q&A with Mike Slaughter, author of shiny gods

By Brenda Smotherman
How much is enough? In a culture guided by shiny, life-promising distractions, "enough" seems elusive and keeps us chasing the next quick fix. What if the Giver of Life offered… read more

Connecting with Visitors

By Doug Anderson, Bob Farr, Kay Kotan
We recently shared six guidelines for making your church building more welcoming. Those things shouldn't be overlooked, but even in a guest-friendly facility, it's the human… read more

Thrive: Live Like You Matter by Lisa Toney

By Brenda Smotherman
Lisa H. Toney is the Associate Executive Pastor and a member of the preaching team at a large church in Pomona, California. Lisa leads their ministry in the area of Spiritual… read more

Review: How Israel Became a People

By Eric Van Meter
In order to understand Israel’s development as a nation, we must look not only to Scripture, but to archaeology, sociology, and other related disciplines to find the most… read more

Practical Pointers for Yes and No

By Lisa Toney
Using two little words effectively—yes and no—can transform your life. Here are tools to help you be effective and thrive in your responses: Evaluate the situation in … read more
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