Life Gear for Your Spiritual Walk

By Common English Bible
We all strive to live better lives as followers of Christ, the reading of holy scripture, participating in a worshipping community, learning with our minds, and growing from our… read more

Resurrection is Real!

By Stephen Handy
Stephen Handy is the senior pastor of McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN. Stephen is a visionary strategist and partnership collaborator of the gospel message of… read more

How to Love Like God

By David Dorn
We talk about loving people like Christ, but how do we actually go about doing this? For the full episode, click here.… read more

Meet Deborah

By Shane Raynor
In addition to writing and editing for Ministry Matters, I’m also editing a new series of Bible studies for Abingdon Press called Converge. Converge titles are four week… read more

7 Common Energy and Time Wasters for Leaders

By Ron Edmondson
Wasting time and energy may be one of my biggest pet peeves as a leader. Some days I leave work and feel I never got off the treadmill. It’s physically and mentally… read more

Worship for Kids: May 12, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
Note: The Ascension of the Lord texts may be substituted for the Seventh Sunday of Easter texts. This is advisable if children (and most older worshipers) will have no other… read more
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