Review: shiny gods

By Patricia Farris
Mike Slaughter has not written another stewardship campaign program. Instead, he argues for a conversion of the wallet. Grounded in his own personal and family experience… read more

Trevor Hudson: Pastor Teacher

By Betsy Hall
Trevor Hudson has been part of the Methodist movement for over thirty years and is one of God's blessings to the larger Christian church. Serving primarily around Johannesburg… read more

Review: The Dead Sea Scrolls

By Eric Van Meter
Since their initial discovery more than sixty years ago, the Dead Sea Scrolls have provided a wealth of information to scholars from a variety of disciplines. With his latest… read more

Trayvon, Zimmerman, and Pastor Pundits

By Shane Raynor
I was watching Saturday night as the verdict was delivered in the George Zimmerman trial, and it wasn’t long before my Facebook news feed was blowing up, mostly with posts… read more

Stewardship Options: Why Do I Give?

By Ministry Matters
Any stewardship campaign has to start with the question on everyone's mind, "Why should I give?" There are many ways to answer that question, and it will likely be different for… read more

Daily Spiritual Practice

By Jim Hawkins
Nurturing One Another Whenever someone is baptized, the congregation is asked, “Will you nurture one another in the Christian faith and life and include these persons now… read more
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