Upside Down Bonus Materials

By Jacob Armstrong
Welcome to the online bonus materials accompanying the Upside Down sermon series resource by Jacob Armstrong! To help you prepare your sermons and worship for this series, your… read more

The Past, the Future, and Who We Are

By Shane Raynor
Over the weekend, while I was in North Carolina visiting family and friends, my Aunt Sue and I went to see the house where she, my mother (who died in 1996), and their other… read more

Prophetic Pains and Plumb Lines (Amos 7:7-15)

By Ministry Matters
Prophets are such pains. They just refuse to get with the program. Just when things are going smoothly, they start making waves. Today we heard from Amos. What a pain Amos is… read more

A Little History, Please

By Christopher P. Momany
It has been almost ten years since I tried an experiment among the students in my Christian Social Ethics class. I wrote two dates on the board: 9/11 and 11/9. Then I asked the… read more

12 Leadership Principles of Jesus That Inspire Me

By Ron Edmondson
There are many leaders I admire who have influenced my own leadership. I admire the teachings on leadership by guys like John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, and Patrick Lencioni. There… read more

Learning Spaces and Fostering Faith

By Margaret Ann Crain
When people of any age gather to consider their Christian faith, a key ingredient is WHERE? What is the quality of the space in which they gather? How does the space affect… read more
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