Businesses, Boycotts, and Bullies

By Shane Raynor
A few years ago, a group organized a boycott of Taco Bell because they felt that the corporation wasn’t paying a fair price for tomatoes. They maintained that this was… read more

What the Bible is All About

By Ronnie McBrayer
A seminary graduate was seeking to become pastor of his very first church, and he finally landed an interview with a pastor search committee. In a small room in the back of the… read more

Ragged Hope

By Cynthia Ruchti
RON AND JUDY CALLED RON’S BROTHER AND HIS wife to say they have to drop their plans to split the costs of a vacation cottage on the lake. Their grandchildren will be living… read more

Overcoming Seasonal Volunteerism

By Thomas G. Bandy
One of the key challenges for a small church of 200 or less participants is that volunteers disappear when you most need them. Despite the lip service paid to the "Christian… read more

Propaganda Porn: The Grisly Side of Facebook

By Clay Morgan
Sunday mornings before church are usually one of my most peaceful times of the week. I enjoy sitting down with a hot coffee and no workplace to go to for that one day. I often… read more

Q&A with Debbie Blue, author of Consider the Birds

By Brenda Smotherman
Debbie Blue is one of the founding pastors of House of Mercy, her new book Consider the Birds is available now. Why do you think it’s important for us to reflect on our… read more
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