Overcoming the World

By Randy Horick
Around the world at Easter, Christians greet one another with a call and response that reaches back nearly two thousand years: “Christ is risen!” it begins… read more

Spring Planning: 4 Critical Tasks

By Wade Griffith
The busyness of Christmas and other end-of-year tasks can make it hard to hit the ground running in a new year. I hear ya. I feel ya, too. Lent came early this year, and Easter… read more

Jesus, the Interrupter

By Jacob Armstrong
God interrupted history when he sent Jesus, and the world was never the same. Join Jacob Armstrong as he presents the "Interruptions" series and looks at the people who… read more

Cradle-to-Grave Discipleship

By Sally Dyck
The Four Areas of Focus include “developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world.” Emphases and goals have been established around recruiting… read more

The Safety Briefing Card and Church Vision Casting

By Ron Edmondson
The airline safety briefing card… Doesn’t mean much to a frequent flier. But to a first time flier…it’s gold. Church, what can we learn from… read more

The Necessity of the Spirit

By Scott Bullard
John 14:23-29 Love is necessary both to be the body of Christ and to proclaim the gospel to persons who are not followers of Jesus. Of course, this is easier said than done. In… read more
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