7 False Assumptions Made About Introverts

By Ron Edmondson
I am an introvert. Some people can question whether they are or not. I don’t. I’m certified in Myers Briggs, so I know the language well. I’ve studied the… read more

Call No One Profane (Acts 11:1-18)

By Douglas E. Wingeier
In Acts 10–11, Luke introduces Cornelius as a pious Gentile centurion who had a vision from God telling him to send for Peter who could offer a message that would save him… read more

Should We Have a Second Campaign?

By J. Clif Christopher
Yesterday, I got a call from a minister who wanted to talk about what to expect from a follow-up campaign. His church was finishing up a campaign that added a significant addition … read more

Tending Our Spiritual Gardens

By Andrea Murdock
Spring is in the air! Finally, after what felt like an extended winter in much of the country, temperatures are warming up, ground is thawing, and trees are budding. This means… read more

Including All Families

By John Hill and Nancy Speas Hill
“Draw the circle wide, draw it wider still. Let this be our song, no one stands alone. Standing side by side, draw the circle wide, draw the circle wide.” –Mark… read more


By Jonathan Martin
"Jonathan presents riveting truth about our identity in Christ in a way that honestly grapples with the intrinsic tensions and mind-boggling implications of the gospel. And he… read more
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