7 Steps When You Are Frustrated Enough To Quit… But Can’t

By Ron Edmondson
I was talking to a staff member of a church recently who is ready to quit. But, he can’t. What he’s experiencing is not depression, in my opinion. It could turn into… read more

What Your New Pastor Wants You to Know

By Jennifer Williamson
The other day I sent a church member an email and in it I mentioned something about preparing for the new pastor. In her reply she said something along the lines of, “will… read more

The Sermons of John Wesley

By Jason E. Vickers, Kenneth J. Collins
The provision of resources for the theological and spiritual formation of believers has been a matter of deep and abiding concern in the life of the church across space and time… read more

Audio Lectio: June 23, 2013

By Alive Now
Alive Now Audio Lectio is a weekly guided meditation using the gospel reading from the lectionary. Join us each week to pray the scripture.  read more

Sermon Options: June 30, 2013

By Ministry Matters
ESCAPE HATCH DISCIPLESHIP 1 KINGS 19:15-16, 19-21 I wonder why more little boys aren't named Elijah. His spiritual commitment towers above the wickedness of his day. Emerging… read more

Worship for Kids: June 30, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Today's texts cluster around the theme of discipleship. Old Testament: 1 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14. This story can be told to compare Elisha's persistent… read more
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