Devotion for Trinity Sunday

By Ministry Matters
From 56 Devotions on Short Notice, included with a subscription to the Ministry Matters Premium Library Call Grace and peace be to you from God our Creator and from the Lord… read more

Update on North Korea

By Dave Barnhart
Disappointed Hopes When Kim Jong-un took power in North Korea over a year ago after his father’s death, plenty of Korea-watchers had tentative optimism that there might be… read more

Organizational Courage

By Brad Lomenick
Courage is not just an individual trait but an organizational one. The leaders at Saddleback Church know this. When pastor Rick Warren was asked in a Catalyst podcast interview… read more

Who You Are (Converge Episode 4)

By Shane Raynor
Grace Biskie, David Dorn, and Matt O'Reilly join Shane Raynor to discuss Ephesians 2, grace, access to God, the blood of Christ and more. Related Links: Knowing Who You Are in… read more

7 Warning Signs That You Are Running On Empty

By Kirk Byron Jones
Though deeply fulfilling, ministry is often highly stressful. Adding to the stress is the inability or unwillingness on the part of many clergy to own their physical and emotional … read more

Knowing Who You Are in Christ

By Shane Raynor
I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the issues and problems we face as Christians are preventable (or at least more easily solved) if we understand who we are as… read more
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