Why Aren't People Singing?

By Kimberly MacNeill
Worship leaders, week after week, pour their heart and soul into leading their congregation in a time of worship through music. They plan and they practice and they pray. A team… read more

The Clubhouse: Student Ministry

By Betsy Hall
Front and center on the Students page of the Ginghamsburg website is a quick video by Chris Freeman, the Director of Student Ministry. Chris explains how the student ministry… read more

Great Thanksgiving for Earth Day

By F. Belton Joyner, Jr.
The celebration of Earth Day each spring gives Christians an opportunity to consider God's good creation and our stewardship of it. Great Thanksgiving for Earth Day This prayer, … read more

Spiritual Generativity: Nourishing Vital Families

By Amy Valdez Barker
“Well, at least God loves me!” Those are the words that came out of my four-year old’s mouth after he had been scolded for unacceptable actions toward his… read more

Welcome Home

By Teresa Fry Brown
Text Psalm 84:1-2, 10; Revelation 21:1-3 Theme To recognize and honor genuine hospitality and service in the church. Sermon Outline BEAUTIFUL HOME Television and movie story … read more

Singles Ministry

By Cindy Young and Ellen Bauman
Contrary to the stereotype of “singles” in the church as early twentysomethings, singles ministry is made up of people of all ages and stages of life: those who have… read more
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