7 Common Energy and Time Wasters for Leaders

By Ron Edmondson
Wasting time and energy may be one of my biggest pet peeves as a leader. Some days I leave work and feel I never got off the treadmill. It’s physically and mentally… read more

Worship for Kids: May 12, 2013

By Carolyn C. Brown
Note: The Ascension of the Lord texts may be substituted for the Seventh Sunday of Easter texts. This is advisable if children (and most older worshipers) will have no other… read more

Worship Connection May 12, 2013

By Nancy C. Townley
CALLS TO WORSHIP Call to Worship #1: L: Praise the Lord, all the people! P: For our Savior has been raised on high! L: Jesus Christ who was crucified and has risen from the dead… read more

From the Particular to the Universal

By Roberto L. Gómez
Acts 2:1-21 The concept of the Holy Spirit is always fascinating. There are many attempts to define it and describe it, but alas, all fall short. To use an ancient Latin phrase… read more

Worship Elements: Ascension Sunday 2013

By Ciona Rouse
Ascension Sunday COLOR: WhiteSCRIPTURE READINGS: Acts 1:1-11; Psalm 47; Ephesians 1:15-23; Luke 24:44-53 THEME IDEAS Ascension Sunday is a time to recognize… read more

Where God Works

By Bob Holloway
Acts 16:16-34 As I read this passage, I considered a story I heard about Saint Thomas Aquinas. While walking with a friend in the midst of the splendors of Rome the friend said… read more
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