Review: Leadership that Fits Your Church

By Eric Van Meter
Finding a good match between pastor and congregation is one of the great difficulties of all Christian denominations, regardless of the polity under which they operate… read more

Inked: Showcasing God's Work

By Kim Goad and Janet Bostwick Kusiak
Tattoos were first introduced to the United States when German-born Martin Hildebrandt tattooed both Union and Confederate soldiers in their camps. Tattooing reached its… read more

How Far Is Heaven?

By Ronnie McBrayer
Jesus never described the gospel as an escape hatch, whereby we can exchange his current world for a spiritual retreat far away. Never. Rather, his gospel was: “God’s… read more

Get Their Name

By Bob Farr
After consulting with more than four hundred churches throughout the country, we have observed that the primary focus for most evangelism effort is on recovering inactive members. … read more

Table Talk: A Community Approach to Bible Study

By Carl Frazier
Shortly after I arrived at First United Methodist Church in Cary, North Carolina, Alice Kunka, our Pastor of Christian Formation, came into my office. “We have a… read more

21st Century Wells: Christian Community in the Third Place

By Eric Cooter
Is it possible for authentic Christian community to form in ‘unlikely venues’?” When I served as the rector in a transitional size parish it was difficult, due … read more
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