21st Century Wells: Christian Community in the Third Place

By Eric Cooter
Is it possible for authentic Christian community to form in ‘unlikely venues’?” When I served as the rector in a transitional size parish it was difficult, due … read more

Five Stones: Conquering Your Giants

By Shane Stanford, R. Brad Martin
The First Stone: Draw A Clear Picture “A man can’t be too careful in his choice of enemies.” – Oscar Wilde Scripture reference to David and Goliath "Your… read more

Who's a Hypocrite?

By Mike Poteet
This weekend, were you off to see the Wizard? The magical land of Oz and its colorful characters—created by author L. Frank Baum in 1900 and elevated to the status of… read more

Pastor, How Are You on Facebook So Much?

By Ron Edmondson
I’ve posted a similar answer to this before but in my new role some are asking the question again: Pastor, how are you on Facebook so much? I honestly think the real… read more

Jesus Ate with Sinners!

By David Dorn
Jesus is more concerned with the rejects who knew they needed change in their lives than those who thought they had life all figured out. Jesus goes where He is needed. Do we have … read more

Selfish Motivation

By Whitney Simpson
Robert Greenleaf, in his book, Servant Leadership, tells of twelve ministers and twelve psychiatrists of all faiths who convened for a two-day off-the-record seminar on the word… read more
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