Teaching Your Child to Pray

By Steve Richards
Lauren climbed into bed, and her father tucked her in. As he sat down on the edge of the bed, he said, "Are you ready to say a prayer?" "Dear God," Lauren began, "thank you for… read more

Inaugural Prayer Service Sermon

By Adam Hamilton
Here's Adam Hamilton's full sermon from the Inaugural Prayer Service last Tuesday at the Washington National Cathedral. read more

Getting Counting Wrong - and Right

By Jorge Acevedo
Many in my denomination are in uproar over the recommendations that every one of the more than 32,000 United Methodist churches in America measure vitality for at least the next… read more

A Transactional Relationship

By Safiyah Fosua
When I began to preach, nearly thirty years ago, I approached preaching quite differently. I leaned more toward topical preaching and frequently, as young preachers do, selected a … read more


By Jessica LaGrone
In the classroom I answered to the name of Jessica, but as soon as we hit the playground for recess I had an alter ego, a code name. I was Crystal. The playground was a place of… read more

Inspiration and Inclusion at the Inauguration

By Jessica Miller Kelley
The inauguration of a president is inspirational in many ways. The national colors and anthems, pomp and circumstance can fill spectators with patriotic joy, marveling at our… read more
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