Hands That Sweep

By Jacob Armstrong
This series is titled “These Hands: What Are You Doing with Your Life?” God made us all uniquely. Our hands can offer things that are uniquely us. Many of us feel our… read more

The Unforgivable Sin

By David Dorn
Jesus announces there is one unforgivable sin. What is it and how does one commit it? The people who know about it often think they've committed it, but the people who've… read more

The Elephant in the Living Room

By Lewis Parks
Consider the following situation. A woman has spent most of her eighty years in the same small membership church. Her grandparents donated the property on which that church… read more

The Holy Spirit Comes

By J. Ellsworth Kalas
The excerpt below is from Adult Bible Studies Spring 2013 ©Cokesbury. Used with permission.For the complete lesson, scroll download to view or print the pdf. Purpose To… read more

An Ethic of Love in Marriage and Divorce

By Felicia M. George
For years now, it has been reported that Christians divorce as often as everyone else in America. In an attempt to determine the validity of this assertion, various sociologists… read more

Deborah (Converge Episode 1)

By Shane Raynor
David Dorn and Clay Morgan join Shane Raynor to discuss Judges 4, which tells the story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael. Also check out Chapter 1 in James A. Harnish's Women of the… read more
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