A Transactional Relationship

By Safiyah Fosua
When I began to preach, nearly thirty years ago, I approached preaching quite differently. I leaned more toward topical preaching and frequently, as young preachers do, selected a … read more


By Jessica LaGrone
In the classroom I answered to the name of Jessica, but as soon as we hit the playground for recess I had an alter ego, a code name. I was Crystal. The playground was a place of… read more

Inspiration and Inclusion at the Inauguration

By Jessica Miller Kelley
The inauguration of a president is inspirational in many ways. The national colors and anthems, pomp and circumstance can fill spectators with patriotic joy, marveling at our… read more

Divided Country, Divided Church

By Shane Raynor
Monday morning before President Obama was sworn in, Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, sent the following tweet: “Praying for our president, who today… read more

You Are Famous

By Whitney Simpson
Recently, I completed a psychiatric evaluation for a professional certification I am pursuing. The day consisted of three exams including multiple choice and fill in the blank… read more

Servant Leadership in Youth Ministry

By Todd Outcalt
There have been many books written about “servant leadership” in the past decade. But the term, though in vogue currently, is an old concept. Jesus himself lived this… read more
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