From Donation to Sacrifice

By Mike Slaughter
I believe that when we become Christian, there is one new birth but many conversions. I became a new person in Jesus in 1969, but I wasn’t converted in my wallet until 1976. … read more

When Life is Overwhelming

By Kimberly MacNeill
Moses and the people of God were on a journey, both physically and spiritually, just like we are today. They were challenged with crisis. They struggled with transition and… read more

Prayer: Limping Around the Altar

By Mihee Kim-Kort
Limping around the altar. The words from 1st Kings this Sunday morning about the prophets of Baal trying to quicken fire from heaven onto their offerings with shouts, cries, and… read more

God's Present Incarnation

By Ministry Matters
This article is a free sample from Understanding Biblical Themes, included in a premium subscription to the Ministry Matters Library.   God is incarnate in the world today … read more

Christmas in July Sunday

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Here at Ministry Matters, we kick off Advent and Christmas planning with a Christmas in July week in mid-to late-July to help leaders get a jumpstart on planning worship, sermons, … read more

Juggling and Other Spiritual Practices for a Workaholic

By Kasey Hitt
Throw, throw, catch, catch. That's the sound of a spiritual practice of mine...juggling. Seriously, real juggling. Sound ridiculous? Sound not spiritual enough? Exactly, that's… read more
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