Should the Position Be Paid or Volunteer?

By Ron Edmondson
I received a great question recently. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give a good answer. Or, at least, not the answer they were seeking. They wanted an answer that would… read more

Covenant Runs Deep Through the Bible

By Paul Franklyn, David Teel
We live in shallow times. An endless array of images and characters displayed on flat, two-dimensional screens offer up countless knee-deep worlds all clamoring for our attention. … read more

My Greatest Fear Is...

By David Dorn
What is your greatest fear? The more I think about Luke 7 the more I'm convinced what my fear is. read more

Covenant Membership

By Megan Farmer
At Providence Church, we ask our covenant members if they will strive to help fulfill our vision which is to see those who are disconnected from God and the church find hope… read more

In Defense of a Middle Way: Homosexuality and The United Methodist Church

By M. Kathryn Armistead
It is difficult to be a United Methodist and not know that the issue of homosexuality is controversial for our church. I’m even aware that there is continued and sustained… read more

Leadership and Self-Awareness

By Timothy Siburg
It's important to have self-awareness. This is true in general, but especially in leadership. If you aren't a self-aware leader, you at the least, aren't most fully who you can… read more
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