Feasting on Fruit: Joy

By Kasey Hitt
Breathe In You might begin by exhaling joy's opposite which is sorrow or seriousness. Imagine joy filling and spreading through your body with each inhale and letting go of any… read more

Feasting on Fruit: Love

By Kasey Hitt
Breathe In The Hebrew word for Spirit, pronounced“ruach,” can also be translated as “breath or wind.” What might our habit of shallow breathing and even… read more

Did Methuselah Die in the Flood of Noah?

By Clay Morgan
The new Noah film shows Noah's grandfather Methuselah surviving until the days of the Great Flood that wiped out mankind. Where did that idea come from? The answer is simple math… read more

A Not-Quite-Perfect Mother's Day

By Tricia Brown
It's 2:45AM, and I can't sleep. I am usually a night owl, but this is ridiculous for even me. I will be exhausted tomorrow. My husband and I started talking, and here I am… read more

Christians Condemn Death Penalty for Sudanese Doctor Accused of Apostasy

By Fredrick Nzwili
(RNS) Sudanese Christians have condemned the sentencing of a Christian woman to death by hanging after she married a Christian man. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, refused to recant… read more

The Growing Season

By Dave Barnhart
Today, people eat locally for a variety of reasons: to support local growers, to choose healthier options, or to reduce their impact on the environment. These are all lifestyle… read more
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