1. Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Article Interview: Judy Fentress-Williams

    Rev. Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams is Professor of Old Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary and Senior Assistant to the Pastor for Teaching and Preaching at Alfred Street…

  2. Holy Conversations

    Article Holy Conversations

    THIS ISSUE’S TOPIC: How does in-depth Bible study impact your congregation? Has it generated leaders? Here are some examples, with others posted on the web at:…

  3. Diving Deep

    Article Diving Deep

    In the late 1960s, my family lived in a suburb north of Dallas. We had a swimming pool in the backyard that became an oasis each summer from the Texas heat. As an anxious…

  4. Easter Perspective

    Article Easter Perspective

    1 Peter 1:17-23 One of the blessings of medicine is good eye care. When our vision becomes compromised by age or disease, we are fortunate to be able to go to the ophthalmologist …

  5. Survey: More People Say the Good Book Isn’t a God Book

    Article Survey: More People Say the Good Book Isn’t a God Book

    (RNS) Bible films may be raking it in at the box office, but fewer people are reading the original and taking it seriously. The American Bible Society’s latest State of the …

  6. The Empty Tomb

    Article The Empty Tomb

    Easter: An End or a Beginning? On Easter morning, some will come to worship because they want to experience an ending and others because they want to experience a beginning. Some …

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