1. Families Are Key to the Future of the Church

    Article Families Are Key to the Future of the Church

    Have you ever been asked why the church focuses so much attention on families? It does seem a bit strange, since Jesus never married, that the church doesn’t affirm…

  2. Learning in the Nursery

    Article Learning in the Nursery

    Juan and his mother appear at the door of our church nursery. Juan peeks in to see what is going on. He is reluctant to let go of his mom’s hand. What a difference it will…

  3. Escaping the Ideological Bubble

    Article Escaping the Ideological Bubble

    American culture has been growing more and more polarized in its politics over the last few decades. Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Coffee and Tea. One cause of this…

  4. Our Stubborn System

    Article Our Stubborn System

    A Reflection on GC2012 May 4 was a big day. As delegates waded through petitions and amendments on the last day of the United Methodist Church's General Conference, I finished…

  5. Be Still (Sermon Series and Devotional)

    Article Be Still (Sermon Series and Devotional)

    Life is full of movement. Movement is not a bad thing. If we are moving, we are living. We are making progress. Movement, though, is also exhausting—physically and mentally. …

  6. Screens in Worship: Top 10 Questions

    Article Screens in Worship: Top 10 Questions

    No matter what happens at seminars and conferences on images in worship, when it comes to Q&A time, it's always the same basic set of questions. These are the basic concepts…

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