Enuma Okoro

Called to Be Healers

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  • Posted on December 17th, 2011

One of the most hotly debated issues during the last presidential campaign was health care reform. Though they disagreed on how to make sure that Americans receive the care they…

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Enuma Okoro was born in the United States and raised in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and England. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from Duke University Divinity School where she served as Director for the Center for Theological Writing. She has served as a Spiritual Formation Leader for seminarians and continues to lead workshops and retreats for both youth and adults on such topics as the Dangers and Joys of Prayer, Vocational Discernment, Theology & Poetry, The Arts as a Mirror for the Divine, Writing as a Spiritual Practice, and Engaging the Spiritual Disciplines for Discernment. She works as a full time writer, speaker, and workshop/ retreat leader.

Enuma is the author of Reluctant Pilgrim: A Moody, Somewhat Self-Indulgent Introvert's Search for Spiritual Community.

Enuma is co-author with Susan Briehl and Don Richter of a companion study guide for On Our Way: Christian Practices for Leading a Whole Life ed. by Dorothy C. Bass and Susan R. Briehl.

Enuma has an additional book co-authored with Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (December 2010): Common Prayer: Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, Zondervan Publishers.

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