Alex Joyner

The Empty Tomb

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  • Posted on April 10th, 2014

Easter: An End or a Beginning? On Easter morning, some will come to worship because they want to experience an ending and others because they want to experience a beginning. Some …

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    A Passing Thought As the cup fills with my morning coffee, I think to myself, “I should change the water filter on the machine. It’s been several months.”…

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    Almost Perfect On April 2, 2013, Yu Darvish was almost perfect. The talented pitcher for baseball’s Texas Rangers took the mound for his first start of the season and…

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    Talking to “Houston in the Blind” In the recently released Hollywood movie Gravity, some of the most poignant moments are of people floating in space talking into the …

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    Emergence of the “Nones” Their numbers have been growing. When asked to claim a religious affiliation, the number of Americans who say “none” has risen…

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Alex Joyner

About This Author

Alex Joyner is Pastor of Franktown United Methodist Church in Franktown, Va.

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