Jenny Youngman

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  1. Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    Article Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    A simple, creative worship experience for Advent. Theme: The need for salvation. The Scripture expresses the “God, save me” cry to which we all can relate…

  2. When Autumn Leaves Are Falling

    Article When Autumn Leaves Are Falling

    "About that time ... a complaint arose. Greek-speaking disciples accused the Aramaic-speaking disciples because their widows were being overlooked in the daily food service. The…

  3. Facing Death

    Article Facing Death

    Finding Hope Whether it’s a battle with terminal illness, the aftermath of a natural disaster, an accident that redirects the course of our lives, or just the…

  4. Politics and Faith

    Article Politics and Faith

    Young people may not have a vote just yet, but they can surely have a voice. Youth ministry professor and popular speaker Kenda Creasy Dean tells us that youth today are more…

  5. Choosing Well in the New Year

    Article Choosing Well in the New Year

    The beginning of each new year always brings talk of making resolutions and starting or stopping some habits. As adults we promise ourselves that this is the year we’re…

  6. Health, Wellness, and Shalom

    Article Health, Wellness, and Shalom

    Resolution Checkpoint A Franklin Covey poll shows that more than 75 percent of those surveyed will break their new year's resolutions within three months. A third of those…

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Jenny Youngman

About This Author

Jenny Youngman is a singer-songwriter, writer, editor, stay-at-home mom, and pastor's wife. But most of all, she is a worshiper. She is the creator of the Worship Feast series for youth groups, and she is passionate about creative worship. She lives outside Nashville where she looks for God outdoors, indoors, and everywhere in-between.

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