Jessica Miller Kelley

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  1. New Year's Visitors

    Article New Year's Visitors

    New Year’s resolutions are a celebration of good intentions. Some we stick with, some we don’t, but the goal is always to make changes that we know are good for us…

  2. On Christian Celebrity

    Blog On Christian Celebrity

    In college, there was a group I thought of as “the elite Christian crew.” They were the cool kids active in the bigger campus ministries at our formerly-Baptist…

  3. Invitation is Everyone's Job

    Article Invitation is Everyone's Job

    In a recent article on increasing your worship attendance, I distilled five major tips from a list of fifty great tips by Bob Crossman. Those five things, however, involve…

  4. Increase Worship Attendance

    Article Increase Worship Attendance

    In a recent stewardship article, Bob Crossman's first suggestion for increasing giving is to increase worship attendance, since most people will not give when they do not come…

  5. Helping People Spend Wisely

    Article Helping People Spend Wisely

    Christmas is a half-trillion dollar industry in the United States. Gifts, decorations, big meals, travel, cards, shipping. . . all this merriment comes with a hefty price tag, if…

  6. Meaning the Words We Sing and Say

    Blog Meaning the Words We Sing and Say

    I grew up Disciples of Christ, a Second Great Awakening denomination that boasts “no creed but Christ.” Any communal recitations besides the Lord’s Prayer were…

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Jessica Miller Kelley

About This Author

Jessica Miller Kelley is an editor and pastor's wife living in Nashville, Tennessee. A denominational mutt her work equipping and inspiring leaders for ministry is informed by a wide range of church experiences. She blogs about working motherhood, cute kids and craftiness at The Parsonage Family.


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