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Does Membership Matter Anymore?

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  • Posted on April 15th, 2014

Recently I 've been struggling with the idea of becoming a member of a church. Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to join my church, I'm honored and have them sign up for a…

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    Dear Churchgoers, This may make me sound like I’m either complaining or not good at my job. Neither is the case, though the latter can be debated. The truth is, I’m…

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    As part of the Lewis Fellows Program, we got to visit Jacob’s Well church in Kansas and spent a couple of hours talking to the founding pastor Tim Keel. He went on to tell…

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    I was about half a year into my first full-time ministry position. I was the Pastor of English Ministries at a Korean church in Aiea, HI. Our college worship service was at an…

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Joseph Yoo

About This Author

Joseph Yoo lives in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA where he gets to truly enjoy God's creation through great weather and beautiful beaches. He serves St. Mark United Methodist Church and blogs at



By This Author

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