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  1. Working in the Cloud

    Blog Working in the Cloud

    When I came to Ministry Matters in 2010, I set two major goals as I was acquiring tools to help me do my job. First, I wanted to go as “paperless” as possible. It's…

  2. Biblical Checks and Balances

    Blog Biblical Checks and Balances

    Once you were alienated from God and you were enemies with him in your minds, which was shown by your evil actions. But now he has reconciled you by his physical body through…

  3. Losing the Offering Plate

    Blog Losing the Offering Plate

    Change is a buzzword in church circles. Even some traditional congregations have added modern worship music, practical sermon series, 21st century marketing concepts, theater…

  4. 5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

    Blog 5 Lessons from 'Caine's Arcade'

    The newest celebrity on the Internet is a nine year old kid from East Los Angeles. If you haven't heard of Caine Monroy, he's the star of a short film by Nirvan Mullick that has…

  5. Is Mass Evangelism Dead?

    Blog Is Mass Evangelism Dead?

    I’ve come to the realization that mass evangelism is becoming increasingly less effective. I know that’s not exactly an earth-shattering revelation. It has become…

  6. Getting over the 2:30 Wall

    Blog Getting over the 2:30 Wall

    You’ve probably seen the commercials for 5-Hour Energy, the energy shot that supposedly helps you overcome the "2:30 feeling". I know the 2:30 feeling well. But for me, it…

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Shane Raynor

About This Author

Shane Raynor is an editor at Ministry Matters and the series editor for Converge Bible Studies from Abingdon Press. He has also contributed to Circuit Rider, Good News, Outreach, The Daily Caller, and Red Letter Christians. He lives in Nashville, TN. You can sign up here to receive Shane's Ministry Matters posts free via email. 

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