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We Know. . . Nothing

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  • Posted on February 27th, 2014

John 3:1-17 You are a day or two from graduation, and the registrar grabs you and tells you there is a math class you signed up for and forgot to attend, but you have to pass the …

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  1. The Samaritan Woman and Nicodemus

    Article The Samaritan Woman and Nicodemus

    There is a hunger deep in every heart, a deep craving for forgiveness and hope, a sense that our best days are not all behind us, that God has not given up on us even if we have…

  2. Ministries and Messages

    Article Ministries and Messages

    2 Corinthians 5:16-21 “Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin, and who seek to live in peace with one another.”…

  3. You Want Answers? He's Got Questions

    Article You Want Answers? He's Got Questions

    Luke 13:1-9 Obadiah wrote, “You should not have gloated over your brother on the day of his misfortune; you should not have rejoiced over the people of Judah on the day of…

  4. Against the Data

    Article Against the Data

    Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18 In Genesis 1 and 2 there are two “creation” accounts. The first is the majestic poem whose meter and verse we have known since childhood:…

  5. Sermon: The Way to a Nation's Heart

    Article Sermon: The Way to a Nation's Heart

    Scripture: Exodus 12:1-14 Holidays are like every other day, only more so. People travel everyday; they just travel more for holidays. People have reunions every day, get…

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