Ministry Matters on the Go

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Getting ready for Sunday is now easier than ever with Ministry Matters' newly optimized mobile site. With a streamlined design and easy navigation, you can peruse This Sunday and browse blogs wherever you are: between hospital visits, waiting for a meeting to start, or sitting at the DMV.

Scroll through all the newest articles and features from the home screen, or tap "Menu" to jump to a ministry-area tab, the Library, or bins page. Access This Sunday from any of those pages.

Access and create bins just as you do on the full site, and keep your colleagues up to speed with either the site-based share buttons or the share functions on your mobile device.

Leave a comment without logging in, now that Ministry Matters (both mobile and full site) are equipped with the Disqus commenting system.

Check it out on your mobile device now, and tweet this page to tell everyone from where you're accessing Ministry Matters mobile. Tag @ministrymatters, and we'll follow you back!

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