Bible study

  1. The Prayer of Prayers

    Article The Prayer of Prayers

    In this series of articles on the Lord's Prayer I would like to consider each of the petitions and affirmations that Jesus taught his disciples. However, at the outset, it is I…

  2. New Medieval Bible Meditation: Isaiah 58:1-12

    Article New Medieval Bible Meditation: Isaiah 58:1-12

    Isaiah 58:1-12 (Revised Common Lectionary) or Isaiah 58:7-10 (Roman Catholic Lectionary) At the literal level, this passage is a prophetic encouragement to the people of God (1)…

  3. Review: CEB Study Bible

    Article Review: CEB Study Bible

    I have to admit when I learned that a new translation of the Bible was in the works, I looked up at the shelf of Bibles I’ve accumulated over more than 30 years of ministry…

  4. Matthew 25:31-46 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    Article Matthew 25:31-46 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    The Judgment (25:31-46) The three parables of the apocalypse all end on a note of judgment. Accounts are to be rendered; in the case of the wide and foolish maidens, some entered …

  5. Review: The New Testament: Methods and Meanings

    Article Review: The New Testament: Methods and Meanings

    The New Testament: Methods and Meanings, Warren Carter and Amy-Jill Levine. Abingdon, 2013 I am bored with my preaching, a colleague said to me recently. And if I’m bored…

  6. Romans 5 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    Article Romans 5 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    Introduction to These Chapters The relation of Romans 5:1-21 to the rest of the argument of the letter has been clarified in recent decades. Earlier scholars, under the influence …

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