Bible study

  1. Background: Deborah

    Article Background: Deborah

    DEBORAH  A judge and prophet. An Israelite leader, Deborah (“honey bee”) is introduced in Judges 4:4 with a string of designations: “Deborah, a woman, a…

  2. Converge Bible Studies

    Article Converge Bible Studies

    Converge Bible Studies is a series of topical Bible studies based on the Common English Bible. Each title in the series consists of four studies on a common topic or theme…

  3. Road Rage and Faith

    Article Road Rage and Faith

    Life in the Fast Lane You’re driving down the freeway, humming along at 75 miles per hour in the far right lane. You come upon a vehicle doing 65 miles per hour, so you…

  4. Heaven on Earth (Sermon Series)

    Article Heaven on Earth (Sermon Series)

    An 11-week sermon series on the Beatitudes, based on the book Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now, by Chris Seidman and Joshua Graves Every so often we hear of fighter…

  5. Chasing After the Heart of God

    Article Chasing After the Heart of God

    Three years ago, my husband and I began the long journey of adopting our son, Cooper, from Rwanda. It was a lengthy, costly journey to fill that bed with our child. In May of…

  6. Faith and Fiction

    Article Faith and Fiction

    Real faith is stranger than fiction. So, maybe, that’s why Christian novels—from history to mystery—are leading so many of us now to biblical truths. While…

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