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  1. Matthew 25:31-46 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    Article Matthew 25:31-46 (Basic Bible Commentary)

    The Judgment (25:31-46) The three parables of the apocalypse all end on a note of judgment. Accounts are to be rendered; in the case of the wide and foolish maidens, some entered …

  2. Psalm 99

    Article Psalm 99

    This week’s psalm gives us a brief but tantalizing glimpse into the heavenly realms. In verse 1, we hear of the Lord “enthroned upon the cherubim.” This gives us …

  3. Divine Design

    Article Divine Design

    In the beginning, the earth was like an unpainted, poorly lit room with all the furniture in boxes in the hallway waiting to be assembled and properly arranged. So God started…

  4. Psalm 121

    Article Psalm 121

    This week’s psalm appears in my order of morning prayers, so I am reminded of God’s constant presence with all human beings (and indeed, all created things) every…

  5. Praying in a Noisy World

    Article Praying in a Noisy World

    It was a mystical moment for Peter, James, and John as they saw Jesus transformed before their eyes and then saw him speaking to Moses and elijah. They were so moved by their…

  6. Psalm 130

    Article Psalm 130

    This dramatic psalm has been a favorite even among those with no professed belief in God. It has been set to music many times and lurks thematically behind many pieces of art. I…

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