1. Was Jesus Divine? Publisher Hedges Bets with Bart Ehrman's New Book

    Article Was Jesus Divine? Publisher Hedges Bets with Bart Ehrman's New Book

    (RNS) Set side by side, the book jackets look almost like matching woodblock prints of a bearded, haloed figure. The titles mirror each other, too, featuring the same trio of…

  2. Review: Youth Ministry

    Article Review: Youth Ministry

    David Olshine, a veteran youth pastor with more than thirty years on the job, sees plenty wrong with American youth ministry. The primary question in his latest book, however, is…

  3. Review: Overflow

    Article Review: Overflow

    This book came to me just when I needed it. This past June, the bishop appointed me to a church. The congregation had previously suffered decline but had recently experienced some …

  4. Review: Without Apology

    Article Review: Without Apology

    Stanley Hauerwas has made his reputation as a scholar by writing what he believes is the candid truth about Christian theology and ethics. His sermons reflect the same commitment…

  5. Review: Senses of Devotion

    Article Review: Senses of Devotion

    With his latest offering, Fuller Theological Seminary Professor William A. Dyrness explores the aesthetics of a small set of Buddhist and Muslim groups in his area. The result, he …

  6. Review: Unveiling Grace

    Article Review: Unveiling Grace

    Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church is a compelling memoir of an American family’s journey into and back out of the Church of Jesus…

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