1. I Am Sending You

    Article I Am Sending You

    The following story is excerpted from Called to the Fire: A Witness for God in Mississippi, the true story of Dr. Charles Johnson, an African American pastor in Mississippi during …

  2. 7 Deadly Sins (Sermon Series and Study)

    Article 7 Deadly Sins (Sermon Series and Study)

    People may say that Christians are too judgmental, that we talk too much about sin, but it seems that the problem really is that we talk too much about other people's…

  3. Wild Things Communion Service

    Article Wild Things Communion Service

    This Communion service, including liturgy and homily, is inspired by Maurice Sendak's children's classic, Where The Wild Things Are. Worship participants are encouraged to…

  4. Review: Speaking of Dying

    Article Review: Speaking of Dying

    In a Protestant church that has outsourced its role in the dying process to the secular medical world, authors Fred Craddock, Dale Goldsmith, and Joy V. Goldsmith seek to reclaim…

  5. Review: Spiritual Kaizen

    Article Review: Spiritual Kaizen

    Bishop Grant Hagiya, Episcopal Leader of the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church, has been at it a long time. A life-long United Methodist, a student of Chinese…

  6. Review: Preaching God's Transforming Justice

    Article Review: Preaching God's Transforming Justice

    From the Preface of Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary, Year C:  “We send this book forward with the prayer that God will use it to…

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