Clergy self-care

  1. Four Leadership Lessons from Moses

    Article Four Leadership Lessons from Moses

    One of the most fundamental elements of any successful organization is leadership. However, it is also one the most misunderstood qualities as it relates to congregational…

  2. Putting Out Fires without Getting Burned

    Article Putting Out Fires without Getting Burned

    There is a lot of leadership talk going on these days.  Every time you turn around, there is a new book or another seminar being offered about how to be a good leader…

  3. When "Some People" Complain

    Article When "Some People" Complain

    Pastor Smith is winding down after a long day of ministry. Her first six months in her new church have had their challenges, but overall she feels like she’s being accepted…

  4. The Tension Between Doing and Being

    Article The Tension Between Doing and Being

    Consider it a gift when you keenly feel the tension between doing and being. It is a positive sign of your awareness of God's call, a sign of your maturity in Christ and one of…

  5. Supporting Young Clergy

    Article Supporting Young Clergy

    There is one question that every church should be asking on a regular basis: What are we doing to support young clergy? In general, it is a challenge to be a young adult in the…

  6. The Preacher's Devotional Life

    Article The Preacher's Devotional Life

    The preacher is a living word about God’s Word before the preacher ever says a word. When the preacher speaks, every word reveals the preacher’s way of life. Devotion…

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