1. 'Cosmos' and Christian Faith

    Article 'Cosmos' and Christian Faith

    The Purpose of Cosmos On Sunday, March 9, 2014, the show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey premiered on the FOX network. The program is a reboot of Carl Sagan’s project Cosmos:…

  2. Water Crises

    Article Water Crises

    A Passing Thought As the cup fills with my morning coffee, I think to myself, “I should change the water filter on the machine. It’s been several months.”…

  3. Healthier Fast Food?

    Article Healthier Fast Food?

    Popular Cuisine Fast food is ubiquitous. In my small town, you can choose from Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, a KFC/Taco Bell combination, a local fast-food…

  4. End-of-Life Medical Treatment

    Article End-of-Life Medical Treatment

    What Happened to Jahi McMath? On December 9, 13-year-old Jahi McMath underwent three surgeries at Children’s Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, California, to treat …

  5. After Prison

    Article After Prison

    Forging a New Path The number of men and women being released from prison has soared in recent decades, with approximately 1,700 people leaving prison each day, according to a…

  6. Creativity and Faith

    Article Creativity and Faith

    Inspired Disciple or Bored Christian? It’s easy to argue that in order to value the Christian tradition, one must also value creativity. In fact, to have faith is in itself …

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