General Conference

  1. Caught by the Call

    Article Caught by the Call

    My Daddy is the reason I love to fish. He loved to fish – I don’t think it was just to get away from Momma – he really loved to fish, and he shared that love…

  2. The Coming Death Tsunami

    Article The Coming Death Tsunami

    In the past several years, the world has witnessed the horror of two massive tsunamis, first in Indonesia and more recently in Japan. The loss of life and devastation surpass what …

  3. Change from the Edge

    Article Change from the Edge

    Change does not happen from the center. It happens, almost every time, from the edge. The center may hope for and call for change, but here’s the problem with that: it…

  4. Contagious Christianity

    Article Contagious Christianity

    What makes Christianity contagious?  We are sufficiently familiar with some of the answers: Contagious Christianity is imaginative, engaging, enthusiastic, and growing. Those …

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