Holy Spirit

  1. Breath of God

    Article Breath of God

    Psalm 119:33-40 Psalm 119, an alphabetical acrostic, praises Torah, God’s law. It contains praises, laments, meditations, petitions, and assurances of God’s presence. …

  2. Come, Holy Ghost

    Article Come, Holy Ghost

    This Thursday evening, doorbells will be ringing, and Americans will be distributing about 600 million pounds of candy while answering the call of “trick or treat”…

  3. When the Spirit of God Shows Up

    Article When the Spirit of God Shows Up

    Joel 2:23-32 There is much in life that is unpredictable—our health, world affairs, and the behavior of others to name three. This unpredictability becomes significant only …

  4. Trevor Hudson: Pastor Teacher

    Article Trevor Hudson: Pastor Teacher

    Trevor Hudson has been part of the Methodist movement for over thirty years and is one of God's blessings to the larger Christian church. Serving primarily around Johannesburg…

  5. Holy Spirit Here and Now

    Article Holy Spirit Here and Now

     “Why write another book about the Holy Spirit?” a close friend asked me when I told him I was writing this book. It is a good question. Many books about the Holy …

  6. The Holy Spirit Comes

    Article The Holy Spirit Comes

    The excerpt below is from Adult Bible Studies Spring 2013 ©Cokesbury. Used with permission.For the complete lesson, scroll download to view or print the pdf. Purpose To…

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