1. Sabbath Healing and Christian Morality

    Article Sabbath Healing and Christian Morality

    “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). This is one of the most radical statements that Jesus ever made. Within it is the revelation of…

  2. Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    Article Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    A simple, creative worship experience for Advent. Theme: The need for salvation. The Scripture expresses the “God, save me” cry to which we all can relate…

  3. Why Was Jesus Baptized?

    Article Why Was Jesus Baptized?

    One day, as John was baptizing in the Jordan, he looked up to see a familiar face. He smiled as Jesus approached, and the two men embraced. These men had known one another their…

  4. A Mysterious God, a Tangible Christ

    Article A Mysterious God, a Tangible Christ

    As Advent draws near, we spend a lot of time thinking, teaching, and preaching about the great Christian doctrine of the Incarnation. In Christ, God comes to us, becomes one of…

  5. The Time Has Come

    Article The Time Has Come

    Luke 1:39-56 The birth of Jesus is, no doubt, the most joyous and celebrated of all holidays in our culture. Families get together, gifts are exchanged, and a good time is…

  6. Seeking Mrs. Jesus

    Article Seeking Mrs. Jesus

    So. Did Jesus have a wife? Last week Professor Karen L. King of Harvard Divinity School revealed that she’d identified the phrase, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …

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