1. Using Psalms in Worship

    Article Using Psalms in Worship

    Psalms in worship can be an awkward thing, particularly when the format changes from week to week (some readers will have the congregation read the whole psalm; some alternate…

  2. Using This Sunday

    Article Using This Sunday

    The Ministry Matters team was recently asked to lead a midweek, workplace worship service. We could have planned a service from scratch, but—like you—our to-do list…

  3. Summer Sunday Preaching

    Article Summer Sunday Preaching

    Few preachers seem to look forward to that long expanse of Sundays reaching from Trinity Sunday to Labor Day. It is a time for planning what will happen after Labor Day and for…

  4. Worship for the Second Sunday in Advent

    Article Worship for the Second Sunday in Advent

    I am fortunate to have several colleagues on staff who are committed to providing thoughtfully constructed worship in a sanctuary of great beauty with extensive iconography…

  5. Sermon Starter: Lament and Promise

    Article Sermon Starter: Lament and Promise

    Scriptures for Dec. 4: Isaiah 40:1-11, Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13, 2 Peter 3:8-15a, Mark 1: 1-8  Through the discipline of intracanonical interpretation, the Spirit may help us to…

  6. Bible Study: Week of October 30, 2011

    Article Bible Study: Week of October 30, 2011

    Old Testament: Joshua 3:7-17 The death of Moses, which brought to a close the Torah, was not the end of the story for the people of Israel. Under the leadership of Joshua…

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