1. Christian Formation Isn't My Job

    Article Christian Formation Isn't My Job

    The title of this post is factually untrue. I am employed by a church. My position description includes oversight of all the church’s programs of formation for infants…

  2. Finding Your Gifts and Talents for Service

    Article Finding Your Gifts and Talents for Service

    What are your top spiritual gifts? Find out with Ministry Matters' exclusive Spiritual Gifts Inventory, based on Church of the Resurrection's Serving from the Heart study. …

  3. Commentary on Acts 2:1-47

    Article Commentary on Acts 2:1-47

    From the Abingdon New Testament Commentary on Acts, available with a Premium Subscription to the Ministry Matters Library The Holy Spirit and Its Aftermath (2:1-47) With the…

  4. The Holy Spirit Comes

    Article The Holy Spirit Comes

    The excerpt below is from Adult Bible Studies Spring 2013 ©Cokesbury. Used with permission.For the complete lesson, scroll download to view or print the pdf. Purpose To…

  5. Preparing for Pentecost

    Article Preparing for Pentecost

    Pentecost, the birthday of the church, is a wonderful time to celebrate and involve children in learning. Pentecost is a "movable feast" of the church. Like Easter, Pentecost…

  6. Sermon Options: Pentecost 2013

    Article Sermon Options: Pentecost 2013

    GOD'S SECOND GIFT JOHN 14:8-17 (25-27) Jesus is God's greatest gift to the world (John 3:16) . But God wasn't through giving! In our text, Jesus, on his last night with his…

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