Personal development

  1. To Question Our Quirks

    Article To Question Our Quirks

    The idea that gifts exist in you that you’ve never noticed (or maybe even forcefully rejected) may seem strange, or even wrong. You might be thinking, How could these…

  2. A Story of Long Ago

    Article A Story of Long Ago

    In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. —The Hobbit, Chapter One The adventure and our hobbit lessons begin differently for each of us. My own began with a vacation…

  3. Review: The Drunkard's Walk

    Article Review: The Drunkard's Walk

    I think of advanced mathematics the same way I think of a regulation-height basketball goal. Both are within my vision, as well as my desire. Neither is within my reach. That…

  4. Flashback Friday: September Gets Personal

    Article Flashback Friday: September Gets Personal

    Some of September's most read, most shared, and most commented-on articles were those addressing questions closest to the hearts of pastors. Why do I feel this way? Tom Bandy…

  5. What Is Your Story?

    Article What Is Your Story?

    In 2011 I moved my wife and three sons to Silicon Valley to pursue a dream. I wanted to start a new church that would engage my city with the gospel (the story of the Bible) in a…

  6. Practicing Perfection

    Article Practicing Perfection

    At the end of the summer, many teenagers find themselves waking early to get to school for the first of two “two-a-day” practices. Whether it’s sports, band…

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