1. Review: The Bible in Politics

    Article Review: The Bible in Politics

    In The Bible in Politics: How to Read the Bible Politically (Second Edition), Richard Bauckham instructs Christians in the art of letting the Bible inform politics, rather than…

  2. Politics and Faith

    Article Politics and Faith

    Young people may not have a vote just yet, but they can surely have a voice. Youth ministry professor and popular speaker Kenda Creasy Dean tells us that youth today are more…

  3. Meeting the "Mormon Moment"

    Article Meeting the "Mormon Moment"

    Although several primaries remain, Mitt Romney continues to be a front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination and the most viable Mormon presidential…

  4. Being a Pastor in an Election Year

    Article Being a Pastor in an Election Year

    It’s hard enough to act like a Christian during an election year; trying to be a pastor while all this political hoopla is going on is downright hazardous. Because political …

  5. Being Christian in an Election Year, Part 2

    Article Being Christian in an Election Year, Part 2

    To everyone except political junkies, presidential election years have all the charm of an extended toothache. Ask why, and the average voter will tell you it’s because the…

  6. Review: Hijacked

    Article Review: Hijacked

    Hijacked, by Mike Slaughter, Charles Gutenson, and Robert P. Jones, is a summons; a call to the "evangelical church" to recognize that its close identification with the far…

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