1. Review: Why Salvation?

    Article Review: Why Salvation?

    In the past couple of decades the study of scripture is being reframed so that unashamedly theological reading of biblical texts is not only permissible but encouraged. Some of…

  2. Engaging the Storytellers

    Article Engaging the Storytellers

    I call it a story. Maybe you call it a testimony. I used to be part of a church that told people's stories on a regular basis. In a year's time we would hear twenty or more people …

  3. Review: Flames of Love

    Article Review: Flames of Love

    Is universal salvation a watered-down, anti-biblical concept that strikes at the core of Christian life and practice? Or is it a legitimate alternative to the doctrine of eternal…

  4. From Here to Eternity (A Four-Part Series about Heaven)

    Article From Here to Eternity (A Four-Part Series about Heaven)

    Preached by Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds at Grace Church, a United Methodist congregation with multiple locations in the Ft. Myers, Fla. Area.   Heaven is our hope as…

  5. Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    Article Baby Jesus, Come to Save Us

    A simple, creative worship experience for Advent. Theme: The need for salvation. The Scripture expresses the “God, save me” cry to which we all can relate…

  6. Review: Die Young

    Article Review: Die Young

    Dying young is not tragedy. In fact, it’s the only way to live. This sentiment, drawn from Matthew 10:39, is the guiding premise in a book full of paradoxes. In Die Young:…

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