1. Is Your Church Reaching Its Budget?

    Article Is Your Church Reaching Its Budget?

    Would it surprise you to learn that, of the churches recently surveyed by Giving Rocket, only 14 percent were meeting or exceeding budget?  Knowing that churches rely…

  2. Food from the Earth

    Article Food from the Earth

    As a gardener myself I have been doing a little research on how local churches are participating in community gardening projects. I found out about Erin McKenzie who is the Garden …

  3. Material Possessions and Christians

    Article Material Possessions and Christians

    Prized Possessions or Junk? Mary and Stephen Smith had lived in a farmhouse they inherited from Mary’s mother, Sophie Turner. With the house had come all of Sophie’s…

  4. Starting a Ministry

    Article Starting a Ministry

    One of the exciting moments in the church is when you see a member of the congregation move from spectator to participant. Where they once only attended on the weekend and…

  5. Debt and Digital Giving

    Article Debt and Digital Giving

    It seems like everything is moving into the digital world these days. The Internet has quickly become a world unto itself where we can share the highlights of our life, purchase…

  6. Refresh the Offering: Ten Tips

    Article Refresh the Offering: Ten Tips

    1. Go Back to Basics. What is an offering? It is a response to the word of God, made in cash or check. That may sound disrespectful to both God and cash but cash is not much…

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