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  1. A Better Worship Committee

    Article A Better Worship Committee

    Whether you work in a large church or a small church, whether you are new to liturgical leadership or a seasoned professional, figuring out how best to make a worship committee…

  2. Using This Sunday

    Article Using This Sunday

    The Ministry Matters team was recently asked to lead a midweek, workplace worship service. We could have planned a service from scratch, but—like you—our to-do list…

  3. Community Labor Day Worship

    Article Community Labor Day Worship

    I am meeting in a local coffee shop this morning with other area pastors to plan our annual Labor Day community worship service. Our Labor Day ecumenical worship actually began…

  4. Diagnosis: Worship

    Article Diagnosis: Worship

    Have you ever left a worship team meeting exhausted? feeling like you got nowhere? wondering if anything will ever happen to get certain people to cross “party lines”? …

  5. Cross-Generational Worship Planning

    Article Cross-Generational Worship Planning

    • By Eric Park
    • Posted on September 19th, 2011

    One Sunday, five actors from my church’s drama team offered a fifteen-minute drama during our evening worship. The drama, as humorous as it was poignant, explored the…

  6. Worship Planning Dynamics: Six Tips for Avoiding a Train Wreck

    Article Worship Planning Dynamics: Six Tips for Avoiding a Train Wreck

    Every boss is an idiot, myself included. It’s not that we mean to make life as difficult as possible for our team members. In fact, some of us try very hard to lead with…

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