1. The Darkest Valley of Cancer

    Article The Darkest Valley of Cancer

    Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me. — Psalm 23:4a Having been a pastor since 1969, I have walked with many families through…

  2. When the Church Needs to Move

    Article When the Church Needs to Move

    This cannot be happening. I am failing miserably to keep my promise of standing stoically and reading with an air of polished dignity. I am buckling under the strain. The genuine…

  3. Culture Shock

    Article Culture Shock

    Bright flashing signs showcasing the hotels and casinos, pictures of beautiful show girls, and sounds of slot machines. This was my first encounter of America when my family…

  4. Celestial Intercessor

    Article Celestial Intercessor

    Romans 8:22-27 Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the coming down and the movement of the Holy Spirit that resulted in the birth of the Christian church. It is a fine day to…

  5. Hip-Hop and Hymns

    Article Hip-Hop and Hymns

    Sitting in a crowded Atlanta airport-music blasting through my earphones, I was approached by my pastor. He stated, “You must be listening to Jay Z?” I replied…

  6. Essential Links for General Conference

    Article Essential Links for General Conference

    There's a lot of material out there as United Methodists head into the 2012 General Conference, which runs April 24—May 4 in Tampa, Fla. Our goal at Ministry Matters is not…

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