1. Laughing at God

    Article Laughing at God

    Genesis 17:1-10, 15-19; Mark 8:31-38 Most families have a first ancestor, a patriarch or matriarch who founded the clan. It may be the ancestor that first came to these shores…

  2. Married Without Baggage

    Article Married Without Baggage

    Baggage—all of us have it. We certainly do. A few people seem to travel light—women with maybe a handbag’s worth, just enough to get through a night on the town, …

  3. Fools for Christ

    Article Fools for Christ

    1 Corinthians 1:18-25 The news is constantly filled with scandals. The scandals in the tabloids as I write will be replaced by a whole new set by the time you read…

  4. Associate Pastor: An Awkward Ministry

    Article Associate Pastor: An Awkward Ministry

    It was a typical Sunday morning ritual as the congregation gathered in the narthex following worship to drink coffee, eat cookies, and chat. My colleague, who is an associate…

  5. Impact Your Community this Easter

    Article Impact Your Community this Easter

    With all the cultural hubbub around Christmas, it can feel like a losing battle to remind people the real "reason for the season." Community events can get lost in the endless…

  6. The Internet and Faith

    Article The Internet and Faith

    Have We Lost Our Minds? Was it really less than two years ago that Nicholas Carr was worrying about losing his brain to the Internet? Carr is a thoughtful observer of the world…

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