1. Planning for Christmas Services

    Audio Planning for Christmas Services

    In this episode David and Kevin talk about planning Christmas services. The topic came up in the last episode of the podcast when we learned that Kevin had just finished his…

  2. Raising a Miracle

    Audio Raising a Miracle

    Many are called, but few are chosen. Many want to enjoy God's great gifts, but few are willing to be the manger where true miracles can be born. MP3 | Video Mike Slaughter…

  3. Finding God at Waffle House

    Audio Finding God at Waffle House

    The First Christmas Story happened over 2000 years ago in a land far away from here.  And yet, the story of Jesus' birth still captivates the world today. Jacob…

  4. Giving Up on Perfect

    Audio Giving Up on Perfect

    How is it that even the most committed of faith travelers look to Christmas as the ultimate fulfillment of a year's worth of hopes and dreams? We lean on this one day for…

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