1. Jesus, the Interrupter

    Audio Jesus, the Interrupter

    God interrupted history when he sent Jesus, and the world was never the same. Join Jacob Armstrong as he presents the "Interruptions" series and looks at the people who…

  2. Bare Bones Eucharist

    Audio Bare Bones Eucharist

    What is really essential for a communion liturgy? How much of the story do you need to tell before serving the loaf and cup? Forgive my (Jessica's) gaffe in implying that…

  3. What Is Trinity Sunday?

    Audio What Is Trinity Sunday?

    The first Sunday after Pentecost is the Festival of the Holy Trinity. On this day, the church rejoices in the impenetrable mystery that God is triune (three-in-one) -- Father…

  4. The Jesus Question

    Audio The Jesus Question

    Matt and Jessica Kelley discuss Part IV of Brian McLaren's book, A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions that Are Transforming the Faith.

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