Jessica Miller Kelley

Jessica Miller Kelley

Jessica Miller Kelley is an editor and pastor's wife living in Nashville, Tennessee. A denominational mutt her work equipping and inspiring leaders for ministry is informed by a wide range of church experiences. She blogs about working motherhood, cute kids and craftiness at The Parsonage Family.


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Rhyming Lord's Prayer for Kids

By Jessica Miller Kelley
God so holy, full of grace,make the world a better place.Give us the food we need for today.Forgive us our wrongs when we go astray.Help us always to do good,and love others, like … read more

Review: Unveiling Grace

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church is a compelling memoir of an American family’s journey into and back out of the Church of Jesus… read more

Old Testament Inspiration for People in Crisis

By Jessica Miller Kelley
If a friend came to you with terrible news—he had cancer, or her house had just burned down—what biblical comfort and encouragement might you offer? Paul’s… read more

Music Review: The Girl with Good Intentions

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Do you ever hear about someone doing something amazing for God, and instead of thinking, “wow, praise God for them,” you think “way to make me look bad… read more

Merging Perishing Parishes? Perish the Thought!

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Last week on Ministry Matters, United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon kickstarted a debate over small churches and their worthiness of denominational support and subsidy. Ignoring… read more

Does Size Matter?

By Jessica Miller Kelley
At any gathering of clergy, you’ll hear talk of new programs, building projects or repairs, and the perennial struggle of getting people to give. But church size is the… read more
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