Jessica Miller Kelley


Cutting Scripture Short

By Jessica Miller Kelley
I've only preached twice in my life. Actually, only once, since the second sermon I prepared ended up being delivered by my husband, the pastor, while I stayed home with our… read more

Ending Guaranteed Appointment

By Jessica Miller Kelley
The elimination of guaranteed appointment for United Methodist clergy came as a surprise to many Tuesday morning when the proposal as approved on a consent calendar. (Items are… read more

Restructuring Rundown

By Jessica Miller Kelley
We coined a new term here in the Ministry Matters offices this morning: MethoNerd. Definition: those folks on the edge of their seats following every event at the United… read more

Partnerships Turn Churches Around

By Jessica Miller Kelley
There are a lot of ways to plant and grow new churches. Some say the multi-site model will become the standard for church growth, with numerous congregations sharing the vision… read more

Learning from Kodak

By Jessica Miller Kelley
Kodak—long the most esteemed name in the camera business—declared bankruptcy last month. Many business analysts have been discussing the reasons for the esteemed… read more

Impact Your Community this Easter

By Jessica Miller Kelley
With all the cultural hubbub around Christmas, it can feel like a losing battle to remind people the real "reason for the season." Community events can get lost in the endless… read more
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