Josh Tinley


What the Church Must Learn from the Penn State Scandal

By Josh Tinley
Wednesday night the Penn State University board of trustees announced the termination, effective immediately, of the school’s head football coach Joe Paterno and president… read more

The Power of the School Calendar

By Josh Tinley
As kids and teachers have gotten back in the swing of a new school year, Christian educators have been launching a new year of Sunday school, Bible studies, and programming… read more

Holy Walmart Receipt!

By Josh Tinley
Last month Jesus appeared to a South Carolina couple on a Walmart receipt (Image 1). If that is Jesus, I’m not sure what message he was trying to convey by showing up on a… read more

Firing the Coach

By Josh Tinley
For a few days back in January, most of the people in my hometown of Nashville weren't terribly interested in the unrest in Egypt or the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle… read more

How Much Are We Worth?

By Josh Tinley
Earlier this year, as pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training, much of the baseball world was busy talking about a first baseman.The St. Louis Cardinals and three-time… read more

Dealing with Obstacles

By Josh Tinley
Back in March, while many of America’s sports fans were checking their brackets, the NCAA’s best wrestlers converged on Philadelphia for college wrestling’s… read more
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