Lou Hornberger

Lou Hornberger is the pastor of Salem United Methodist Church in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. Lou writes the current event supplement for the series Adult Bible Studies.

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Jesus Is Presented in the Temple

By Lou Hornberger
Luke 2:25-38 A day after world leaders, celebrities, and royalty gathered to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, it was the people’s turn to see their beloved leader. They came… read more

Solomon Judges With Wisdom and Justice

By Lou Hornberger
1 Kings 3:16–28; 2 Chronicles 9:8 A panel of experts earlier this summer released a 641-page report on findings regarding the nuclear accident that occurred in Fukushima… read more

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

By Lou Hornberger
John 14:1-14I am not sure what it is like in most minivans, but in mine, my children prefer to spend their travel time electronically, often with their Nintendo DS. The Nintendo… read more

Jesus Testifies to the Truth

By Lou Hornberger
John 18:28-37 At a recent arts and tech festival in Austin, Texas, a New York advertising agency tested an idea that promised to give smart-phone users and area homeless persons… read more

Praying as God's People

By Lou Hornberger
Matthew 6:5-15 I once heard it said that you will never stop students praying in school as long as teachers continue to give tests. But what about prayer on school grounds by… read more

From Generation to Generation

By Lou Hornberger
Proverbs 4:10-15, 20-27 In Missouri, a group of elected and criminal justice officials are putting their heads together to figure out how to solve two problems that continue to… read more
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